Martial Arts

The Martial Arts are by definition a way of life, a physiological and psychological process not a hobby or short term endeavor.


Due to the current challenges with the pandemic we have decided to transfer the karate school to another organization.

We have come to our conclusion with much deliberation. The numerous concerns that revolve around the current setting have made it unattainable to carry out the method of teaching that so inspires myself and the students. We understand what we do is more than just a business however the financial burden; the continuing changing landscape of protocols and most of all the undeniable health concerns of all the students and families has made it impossible for us to reopen. This has been our life for the past 18 years our decision hasn’t been an easy one.

A friend and training partner who operates a martial arts school with the means and to navigate the current ebb and flow has decided to continue teaching and has proposed operating our Skippack location. We have created a partnership which we hope will give you multiple opportunities to continue your martial arts training. I value this individual as a martial artist but even more in his dedication to his students. I believe his style of teaching parallels what the students are used to from us. As of Monday August 31, st the Skippack location will open for training under the health specifications of the PA Government. Don will also conduct ‘zoom’ classes on multiple days a week and you will still be able to access my videos. Your tuition will be locked in with your pay structure prior to the pandemic. Many of us have fears with regards to the virus but are dedicated to training in the Martial Arts I hope this gives everyone the opportunity to do so.

Don Clarke runs a karate school under the Action Karate brand many of the skills and techniques of the Martial Arts are universal. Kata’s, Form’s and methods of self- defense may slightly differ. He believes as do I your belt rank should be honored as you assimilate the new curriculum. The colored belts you have now you will continue to wear. Many of our red/black belts are near testing for their Black Belt I will make myself available to help test red/black belts when Don’s Black Belt rotation comes around and/or red/black belts can continue online training and we will conduct our Black Belt promotion consistent with how we have in the past when our social interaction returns to normal.

These previous months have created much consternation in how we could appropriately address this nascent time that has affected us all. I hope going forward you continue to train in the Martial Arts the principles and values that are taught will never change. Don promotes the positive attributes that I believe in and I believe he will fulfill all your expectations.

Past and existing Skippack Martial Arts Members have received an email wit Don’s personal contact information.
Feel free to reach out to him for additional information on his online and in person class schedule.

Best regards,
Sensei Rich

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