The Martial Arts are by definition a way of life, a physiological and psychological process.a physiological and psychological process.|not a hobby or short term endeavor.

Our program provided a positive experience with goal oriented plans & gave the individual an emotional & physical understanding of the art.


Why Skippack Martial Arts?

1. Our Morals, Principles & Tenets

The Morals, Principles & Tenets of the Martial Arts must be followed at all times. Have the Courage to overcome, walk proud and try. You cannot succeed or reach a goal until effort is made. Be Courteous and show Respect to others. Tell the truth be Honest.
No goal, no success is ever reached through lying. Be sincere with everything; look out for the best interest for those around you, stand firm and act on what you believe, have Integrity in all that you are and do. Develop Self Control & Self Discipline. You know the difference between right and wrong, think before you act and make the proper decision. Rejoice in victory but be Humble and show Modesty.
Hold your head high in defeat and be proud of doing your best, walk tall, back straight and shake hands whether you win or lose. Most of all Respect yourself. Believe you can do anything you set your mind to. The first step is the hardest, overcome it and you will find success and satisfaction in who you are and what you do. Be a Martial Artist and be the best you can be.

2. About Martial Arts Schools

Martial arts schools are easy to find. Simply pick up a device and search “karate” or “martial arts.”   Finding a school, style and instructor that is right for the student is a different story. While the large dojo may seem the most promising place to start, don’t judge schools by their outward appearances.
Observe a few classes, if available as an option, participate. If you need a few tips on choosing an instructor or Dojo take a moment and review “Finding the Right Martial Arts School

3. Mental Benefits & Inner Balance

The physical and psychological advantages of regularly attending martial arts classes are easier to identify than the spiritual benefits of the training. That said, students note that the training allows them to focus and concentrate on the connection between their mind and body.
Because all martial arts require intense focus on physical and mental discipline, an inner peace invariably manifests. It is this peacefulness that occasionally leads to a internal awakening.

4. Finding The Right Style For You

The specific style or technique is important in the context of your personal philosophy. Some styles, such as karate, kung fu and Muay Thai, emphasize striking and forceful attacks. Others, like judo and aikido, place a stronger focus on throwing moves and balance. We offer combined styles based on the needs of the training scenario.
For many people, the martial arts have opened the door to a number of benefits that were once either hidden or ignored. Dedicated students can expect not only to master their chosen style or combined styles, but also to enjoy a training system that they can continue to develop over a lifetime.

Skippack Martial Arts School Reviews | Review Us

This school is the perfect mix of fun and discipline.

This school is the perfect mix of fun and discipline. Sensei Rich knows exactly when the kids need to laugh and when they need to be focused. He teaches real-world application of martial arts ("when the bad guy is doing this ... what do you do?"), and he does it in a way that sticks with the kids, and helps them to become more confident in themselves. We've had our kids at this school for a few years now, and we are so very pleased with the classes, the camps, the special activities ... everything!!
- Jacqueline 'Jax'

Simply the best...

It's all about the people, they care about the kids and it shows. Great life lessons combined with personal focus and self defense. We've been going for over 6 years and it continues to be everything and more than I expected..
- Steve S.

Great school for kids AND adults

I’ve been affiliated with this school for over a decade, as my 2 sons started training at Skippack Martial Arts (SMA) when they were 8 and 6 years old. They both progressed to Junior Black Belt, at which time, I started training with them in the adult classes (in my late 40’s). We now all have our adult black belts. I can’t say enough about the quality of the instruction at SMA. While my sons learned valuable self-defense/self-protection skills, they also learned important life lessons (honesty, integrity, focus, dedication, self-discipline, self-control). As an adult student, I’ve gotten so much mentally and physically out of my training, including some genuine friendships with my training partners and SMA staff. I knew that martial arts would stretch me (literally and figuratively), but I never suspected I would have as much fun as I have had. If you’re a parent, I strongly suggest you provide your children with this amazing opportunity to grow confidence, strength, agility and focus through SMA. It made a huge difference for my kids. And, if you’ve ever thought about trying karate/Muay Thai, etc., you won’t find a better program for adults and take it from a guy that earned a black belt at 53 years of age: you’re never too old to try.
- John Wollman

The Best!!!

Our boys always enjoy taking classes with Sensei Rich & Sensei Loriann!! They are awesome with kids and know how to relate to every age!
- Melissa

You’re Never to old to start!

I was nervous to start something new in my 40’s but with encouragement and dedication I’ll get my black belt! We work hard and have fun doing it. Great classes in a positive environment!
- Heather H

The sensei loves the kids!

My kids have never had teachers who have been more invested in their success! They've learned so much and have gained skills above and beyond karate. Their self confidence has gone through the roof! Thanks so much!
- Chaya

Better Than We Ever Imagined

My son thought he was a ninja so we started him in karate. What he ended up getting out of these classes is well beyond what we imagined! He grew in maturity and his confidence went through the roof! He enjoyed going to classes and wanted to go every chance he had! Rich and Lorianne are spectacular and we adore them!! Cannot recommend them enough!! ❤️
- Jennifer F

Outstanding place!!

I absolutely love Skippack Martial Arts! Everyone there is fabulous and signing our son up for karate lessons was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made! I highly recommend it for everyone!!
- Maureen

Awesome Classes

We have been coming here for almost 10 years! Love Sensei rich and Sensei Lori ann - they make this place like family- but the good kind!!! Looking forward to many years to come.
- Michelle Keating

Best decision!!

Both of my kids are moving up the ranks here and love coming to their classes several times a week! Sensei Rich & Sensei LoriAnn have taught the kids so many lessons they have applied in other areas of their lives already & I'm grateful for how much the two of them care for my kiddos!
- Beth